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FPN Skin Products developed and produced a series of pure and natural skin products to treatvarious skin diseases. Products have been in clinical use for over 20 years, deliveringcertified solutions to clients from all across the world. Not only can patients purchase products via the official website, but the web system also supports online booking and online consultation (at the bottom right blue pop-up window) services to help promote better awareness and knowledge of different products and purchases available.

FPN’s natural products mainly target the following diseases: psoriasis (including acrokeratosis, alopecia areata, and onychomycosis), eczema, infantile eczema, acne, folliculitis, as well as pigmentation spots. All products are from 100% natural plant extracts and refined, non-toxic side effects, no drug resistance and dependence, and easy to use. Oral capsules are also made from natural vegetables and thus will decompose quickly.

Five reasons to choose FPQ

(1) Unique therapy: Oral + External + Right living, Diet guidance Given the special nature of psoriasis, its treatment must be systemic. The patient should consider all aspects of treatments, including diet, living, mental status, etc. This aims to reach full recovery in the shortest possible time, with no future reoccurrences.

(2) 100% natural formulation FPQ products are high-tech products made from natural plants. Products focus on treatment and prevention of reoccurrence, as well as causing no side effects. Through 19 years of clinical testing, products have been proven to provide a quick and short treatment that treats the symptoms without leaving any side effects.

(3) Targets the root of the issue Many of the treatments that patients go through, such as steroid drugs, injections, ultraviolet illumination, and so on can only control the issue in the short-term. Once the treatment is stopped, psoriasis is bound to reoccur, and even more severely. Chinese medicine believes that the causes of psoriasis are: weak immune system, accumulation of “wind chill” in the body, dampness and endopyrexia, poor blood circulation, and other factors that are not able to vent out, therefore, resulting in visible skin disorders. For this reason, psoriasis is seen on the surface, but is a result stemming from issues within the body. It is only through treatment of patient’s internal system that psoriasis could be completely treated. FPQ psoriasis oral capsules help improve circulation, eliminate toxins, target blood detoxification, condition organs, spleen and stomach health, promote strong kidney and liver, as well as enhance the immune system.

(4) Equal internal and external treatment. Paired with FPQ’s psoriasis herbal cream, the whole treatment dehumidifies, improves cell energy, promotes tissue regeneration, promotes metabolism, and restores physiological function.

(5) In-person expert monitoring FPQ cares for each and every psoriasis patient. During the treatment process, we establish individual electronic files documenting clients’ records and tracking services to provide full treatment. FPQ’s dermatologists are always ready for new patient counseling.

Intellectual property transfer/commercial transactions*

Technology development achievements, market prospects, and economic benefits

Using pure natural plant to treat one of the top ten globally recognized incurable diseases, psoriasis and intractable skin diseases, the development of treating eczema have begun. The results of this technique prove the existence of a remedy for four different types of psoriasis (vulgaris, red, pustule, and joint).

At the same time, a treat for acute, subacute, and chronic eczema (including pediatric eczema and eczema on various parts) exists. (Note: Can be described in more detail in reference with the specific issue)

The treatment leaves no traces, even in terms of those who have used hormone and had left dark spots. Results could recover the patient’s original natural skin tone.

This technique leaves two outcomes – topical and oral administration. Their purpose and effect is different.

19 years of local application combined with 9 years of international market use proves no side effects, no drug resistance nor reliance, ultimately leading to full recovery and no cases of reoccurrences.

According to the most recent (2013) official authority site:



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