通過膚必清的治療,患者不僅可以完全治愈,而且沒有副作用和耐藥性。研發治療中心的主要研發者侯光臨醫生在美國加州答記者提問時說:“我在開發這些產品的時候最大的思想指導就是:我不能因為研發一种產品,治好了這個疑難病症,結果產生了另一種病症(副作用)。” 很多治愈的患者都說他們感覺自己“換似新人”。

Patient Fung


For All Patients who have skin problems, One day, I suddenly got a type of skin problems. My whole body was covered by damaged skin and also was itchy sometimes. As I heard, any skin problem is hard to be cured. I went to see my family doctor, but he could not tell me what type of skin problems I got. And he gave me a prescription for Cortisone cream. I had used it for a while, but it was not getting better. It was getting even worse than before. Thus, my family doctor refereed me to a skin specialist; however, what he gave was the same —– Cortisone cream. I even did not want to buy it. From the TV advertisement, I knew Ho Ho R&D Skin Therapy Center and also met Dr. Hou. After body check-up, he told that I got Psoriasis and had confidence to cure me. When my wife and I heard of that, we were so excited and happy. I accepted Dr. Hou’s treatments and started using his natural products (Chinese medication) which were invented by Dr. Hou. Around five months, I was totally cured. Therefore, in order to remember Dr. Hou, I took a picture with Dr. Hou. And I also want to thank him and his great medication.

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