Frequently Asked Questions

1What are the causes of psoriasis and eczema?
Chinese medicine believes that the main causes of psoriasis are a weak immune system, and a large amount of dampness and endo pyrexia within the body, accompanied with poor blood circulation, all amounting to the surfacing of lesions on the skin. Meanwhile, the patient’s liver is dry and heat, with hot blood, impotence, and decreased immune function. Psoriasis is external, but the main issues stem from within the body. Causes of psoriasis can be summarized as follows: Genetic, prevalence of about 30% probability Important relationship with the immune system Internal factors such as stress, trauma, and emotional changes External factors such as wound, surgery, medication, diet, regular scratching of the skin, climate, and sudden environmental changes
2What is FPQ’s principle?
FPQ Herbal Supplement capsules help to promote blood circulation, eliminate toxins from the body, detoxifies, improves blood quality and organs, enhances spleen and stomach health, strengthens kidney, liver, and the immune system. FPQ Herbal Cream helps to dehumidify, improve cell viability, promote tissue regeneration, promote metabolism and restore physiological function.
3Are there side effects to FPQ products? Are they all natural?
FPQ oral and topical products are non-toxic, no side effects, 100% natural plant products, and are in compliance with Canadian standards of pharmaceutical production. Each batch of manufactured products have a qualified laboratory report and is approved by the Government of Canada’s independent laboratory tests.
4I was taking steroids to control psoriasis/eczema. If I start to use FPQ products, will I need to stop?
Yes. During the use of FPQ products, all other treatments of psoriasis/eczema must be withdrawn, including: traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine, as well as any other treatments for the diseases.
5I have used a variety of medications before. During usage, my skin would turn better, but after I stop, the symptoms will reappear. Is this also the case for FPQ products?
Generally speaking in terms of mainstream medications, the majority of steroid drugs are used to control the disease. Once the medication stops, reoccurrence may happen, and sometimes may happen more severely than before. FPQ’s main function is to provide treatment, so there will be stages of healing (step by step). Through customers who have used FPQ products, there had not been a case of reoccurrence.
6After recovery, will I still need to continue to use the product?
Once the skin has recovered (to the point where there are no traces of skin lesions), and medication is stopped, this is known as the end of the treatment period. Further continuation of the use of medication for three months is known as the consolidation treatment.
7How do I use FPQ products to achieve the best results?
Oral products must be taken in a timely manner with the appropriate dosage. Topical creams cannot be applied using the hands or fingers and must be done so with a cotton ball until full absorption. Since the lesions are dry, it is important to let the cream gradually absorb into the surface, and finally, leave no cream left on the surface. It is important to strictly follow the doctor’s instructions.
8In addition to using the product, what other things should I pay attention to?
During the treatment process, patients must also pay attention to their diet. For example: “heat” food, or food that would trigger the wound is to be avoided. A detailed attachment of instructions and dietary information will be provided during the treatment.
9My psoriasis/eczema is not severe, can I just use the cream and not take the oral supplements?
No. Patients must use both the oral supplements and the herbal cream in order to completely treat the underlying issue. Otherwise, there is a greater chance of reoccurrence.
10Does FPQ Total Clarity actually work?
Comparing customers who have used various products – from four different types of customers, we have analyzed their confidence in the product: Percentage of those who have used FPQ Total Clarity and would recommend it to other acquaintances Healing ratio of continuous use of FPQ Total Clarity Results from use of one bottle of FPQ Total Clarity The Rate of customer loss during the usage process.
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