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FPQ Total Clarity (50 ml)
February 21, 2017

FPQ Power Plus (120 capsules)

Power Plus capsule is a natural product with rigorous screening made by advanced technology equipment. According to most of the physiological condition of the human body, high thermal energy health care product is not suitable for taking too much and cool-natured health care product is not suitable for taking too long. Therefore, Power Plus uses the unique warm-natured natural plants as the ingredient. Power Plus is a long term and integrality health care product. It has the function of nourishing, conditioning and health caring for the burnout、 weakening、 tiredness of the heart、lung、brain、kidney、spleen and stomach.

Product Features:
• Unique manufacture, 100% natural and refined plant extracts;
•   Warm-natured, no internal heat, no damage to liver and kidney, long term use preferred;
•   Safe, reliable, non-toxic side effects with no drug resistance nor dependence

Product Function:
Relieve stress, anxiety, forgetfulness, shortness of breath, constipation, and emission symptoms; dispel internal heat, strengthen liver and brain, promote metabolism and body circulation, and enhancement of yin and yang.

Stress at work/ down feeling/ melancholy/ tiredness
Constipation/ forgetfulness/ depression/ prospermia/ weakness
Sexual function/ weakness of immune system

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