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FPQ Herbal Cream (100 ml)
January 16, 2017
FPQ Acno (30 ml)
February 21, 2017

FPQ Herbal Food Supplement (168 capsules)

FPQ Herbal Food Supplement (168 capsules) is a packaged bottle containing FPQ’s orally taken capsules. It is to be combined with FPQ Herbal Cream to properly promote effective treatment of skin disorder. The product has the effects of cooling blood, lessen the “heat”, rid dampness, and dispersing wind. After medication is taken, it helps with detoxification, blood smoothing, strengthening internal organs, promoting cell metabolism and enhancing the body’s immune system. Oral capsules are made of natural vegetable through a special production process that helps with gastrointestinal absorption of the medication within 14 minutes.


  • You MUST STOP using any other psoriasis/eczema treatment medicines (include western and Chinese medicine or therapeutic cream) when you start to use FPQ products.
  • DO NOT take any other medicine or therapeutic cream for psoriasis/eczema when you are using FPQ products.
  • Take capsules 3 times a day, before or after meals.
    1. Mild patient:5 pills/time.
    2. Moderate patient:6 pills/time.
    3. Severe patient:7 pills/time.
    4. Child:
      0-2 years old – 1 pills/time, 3 times/day;
      3-6 years old – 2 pills/time, 3 times/day;
      7-8 years old – 3 pills/time, 3 times/day;
      8-10years older – 4 pills/time, 3 times/day.
  • If you forget to take capsules occasionally, please complement the daily dosage you need next time.
SKU: X-U00005

Product Features:

  • More effective treatment results when used with FPQ Herbal Cream
  • 100% natural and refined plant extracts
  • Safe, reliable, non-toxic side effects with no drug resistance nor dependence
  • Clinically proven and praised by patients through 20 years of use
  • Capsule shells are made from natural vegetable – easy to decompose

Product Function:

  1. Reduce “heat”, cooling to the body
  2. Detoxification, promotes blood circulation and a healthy spleen and stomach
  3. Reconditions and nourishes internal organs
  4. Promotes cell metabolism and enhances body’s immune system


  1. Vulgaris/Erythrodermic/Pustular/Joint Psoriasis
  2. Acromegaly keratosis, alopecia areata, and onychomycosis caused by psoriasis
  3. Chronic/subacute eczema, infantile eczema
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