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FPQ Acno (30 ml)
February 21, 2017
FPQ Power Plus (120 capsules)
March 8, 2017
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FPQ Total Clarity (50 ml)

Dual discount now, Buy 8 Get 1 Free

FPQ Total Clarity (50 ml) is used for eliminating all kinds of pigmentation (chloasma, sunburn, freckles, melisma, pregnancy spots) and dark circles, and is suitable for all skin types.100% natural and hypoallergenic product with non-toxic side effects and no drug resistance. Gradually reduces skin discoloration and does not peel nor redden the skin. Helps to brighten the skin, leaving skin feeling clear and tender. The product also moisturizes, soothes, and tightens the skin.

SKU: C00002


  1. Use four times a day or more, to efficiently break up the clustered blood pieces
  2. With a cotton ball, gently apply the cream from the center of the face outward, adding more cream in the process. Work on one side of the face, then the other.
  3. Use appropriate amounts and do not leave excess cream left on the surface of the skin. Allow the cream to fully absorb into the skin. The thinner the cream, the easier it is to penetrate the skin. Give 5-6 minutes for it to be completely absorbed.

FPQ Total Clarity instructional video

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