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FPQ Herbal Food Supplement (168 capsules)
February 21, 2017
FPQ Total Clarity (50 ml)
February 21, 2017
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FPQ Acno (30 ml)

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FPQ Acno (30 ml) is made from 100% natural and refined plant extracts. It has anti-inflammatory features, helps to kill bacteria, reduces “heat”, soothes, and can effectively control oil secretion and promote acne healing without side effects. Results could be seen in two days. During the process, there would be neither peeling nor reddening of the skin. Facial skin feels relieved, inflammation gradually subsides, sebum is controlled, and pore closes. After regular use, FPQ Acno leaves the skin clean and healthy with no traces of acne.

SKU: A100001


  • Apply lightly with a cotton ball until fully absorbed
  • 3-4 times daily

FPQ Acno instructional video

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